Securing your digital world

Vierfire offers strong, two-factor authentication to enterprise, retail and consumers

No more passwords

Why are we still asking users to invent and remember secure passwords? With the MySmartKey app, users can securely log into any account at the touch of a button.


Fast, secure two-factor authentication. TheCleanBreak system generates a unique authentication code for every login, making phishing or key logging impossible.

Simple to use

Top security without the hassle. Users can log in day or night, using their smartphone as a smartkey.The app runs on Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS.

How it works for your users

Enter 4-digit PIN Code

Your user opens the MySmartKey app on their phone using a 4-digit PIN code.


They go to log into their account (open their email, confirm their purchase, sign in to online banking, etc.). You can require them to simply enter their username without a password or code.

My Account



MySmartKey notifies the user that somebody is trying to log in. They have the option to tap “Approve” or “Deny”.


If they tap “Approve”, they are logged in straight away. Simple, seamless, yet very secure.

LOGIN Approved

Harnessing the power of the smartphone

Why use a smartphone app as part of a security solution? The majority of people now carry a smartphone with them at all times. Why should they also need to carry a card reader or a code generator, or remember a load of different passwords?

A smartphone app can act as a user’s unique key in a secure two-step authentication process. It can send push notifications to let the user know somebody is trying to log in to their account. And best of all, it’s no hassle. Your users already know how to use a simple smartphone app. Our ground-breaking CleanBreak Authentication does all the hard work behind the scenes.

Security at Every Level

The lightweight MySmartKey app works together with Vierfire's access control and file protection suite

Secure Login

Authentication for VPNs, websites or online portals

Secure Access

Controlled user access to PCs or thin clients on your network

SmartSafe Vault

Create a super-secure folder to store files or photos - on your hard drive, network or in the cloud

Who is it for?

MySmartKey is an ideal solution for:

  • Corporate or university email systems – no more weak or forgotten passwords
  • Direct access to a server – a top security solution
  • Online retail – no hacked accounts, authenticate any stage in the purchasing process
  • Point-of-Sale validation – no need to call the credit card company
  • Online banking – effective against phishing, no need to supply special hardware
  • Software licensing – no more cracked activation codes
  • Offline security – use it for personal laptop passwords

Users can use the MySmartKey app to access all of these accounts without having to remember any passwords!

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