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Find our more about what motivated us to develop this incredible technology.

Vierfire Software Ltd was founded by a group of technologists who saw how vulnerable and expensive existing data protection measures can be. Conventional token generators provide a good level of secure authentication, but they come at a cost. We wanted to find a way to side-step the expense and hassle of having a separate piece of hardware, without compromising on security.

We saw that it was possible to provide secure identification without the hassle factor if we made use of the smart mobile devices that people use every day. A smartphone is a great tool for providing personalised validation as part of a two-factor authentication process. Our users are already carrying this piece of hardware around, and know how to download and use an app. We are keeping on top of social trends in technology use, aligning user behaviour with security best practice.

The Vierfire team includes successful electronics and software entrepreneurs, developers, business angels, and specialists in intellectual property and business development.

Our advisors have experience in software innovation in SMEs and Blue Chip enterprises; they specialise in wireless data strategies, telecoms/media/technology convergence and regulation, consultation in mobile network infrastructure, and venture capital/private equity management.

The team has variously worked within BlackBerry, O2, BT, Vodafone, and Siemens Nixdorf as well as building businessesin Europe, US, India and China.