What is CleanBreakTM authentication?

CleanBreak authentication is a seamless process used to securely authenticate the identity of the registered user.

CleanBreak Authentication

CleanBreak authentication allows a complete disconnect between the user, their point of access and the flow of digital information during an authentication process. This is made possible by using the MySmartKey app for mobile devices.

The MySmartKey app becomes the user's unique key and forms part of their identity when it is linked to Secure Access or Secure Login, Vierfire’s two-factor authentication products.

CleanBreak authentication helps avoid online fraud through the power of a constantly changing “one-time” authentication code. Each code positively identifies the registered user at any point in time, yet a moment later is totally useless to anyone who may have got hold of it, even if electronically eavesdropped or captured by social engineering. This system provides robust protection against identity theft, phishing, key logging or Trojans.

The MySmartKey system gives total flexibility to any enterprise adopting Vierfire’s products. The app works smoothly online using a mobile data network or WiFi, or it can work offline using either a screen capture or manual code entry process. The web-based management console for system administrators gives you total visibility of all your licensed users, and allows you to add, remove or suspend them at the click of a button. Our robust CleanBreak server core controls the authentication traffic from the MySmartKey app to Secure Access and Secure Login.

CleanBreak authentication with MySmartKey technology is an ideal solution for corporate server security, access to cloud services, email account access, PIN code verification, social networks, software validation, supporting Point-of-Sale validation, and even offline purchasing transactions.

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