Secure Login

Keep your users’ accounts and your assets safe. Secure Login can make any web-based login system extremely secure and user-friendly. It works with the MySmartKey app to provide two-factor authentication to web-based email accounts, online shopping or banking accounts, VPNs, social media accounts and other portals.

Secure Access

Have peace of mind about who is accessing your server. Secure Access is an enterprise server-based technology that introduces a two-factor authentication process for users logging in to PCs or thin clients running on Windows Server 2008R2 architecture. Working with the MySmartKey app, you can increase security without making your users memorise complex passwords – all they need to log in is their smartphone.

MySmartKey Connectors

Vierfire is creating connectors that allow enterprises to integrate Vierfire’s two factor authentication technology into applications used by all personnel. Currently available are connectors for Microsoft’s Outlook Web App (OWA), Remote Desktop Web Access (RD Web). Connectors under development: Liferay, Sharepoint, Citrix, SAML2

Geolocation / Geo-fence

Vierfire offers as a standard technology feature, the ability to create ‘geo-fences’ so that your employees can only login to your web portal when they are in set locations as defined by the Systems Administrator. This feature can easily be switched on and off. Each authentication event of every registered user is recorded giving the time, date, location so effective ‘use patterns’ can be recorded.


SmartSafe Vault

The safest way to store your files – anywhere you like! SmartSafe Vault is an application that allows you to create an extremely secure folder on your hard drive, a network, on a disk or in the Cloud. Every file in the folder is protected by its own one-time password. Encrypt, secure and store your documents or your family photos in complete confidence.

ScreenLocker (coming soon)

This new application (Mac only) allows you to connect MySmartKey on your phone to your Mac computer. When you get up and walk away from your desk and your phone moves out of contact, Screen Locker ( a plain screen saver) appears so nobody can access your Mac while you are away. When you return to your desk and place your phone next to your Mac, Screen Locker disappears and you can carry on where you left off.


The app is the key that works alongside all these products. Download MySmartKey free from iTunes (iOS), Google Play (Android), and BlackBerry World (BB OS10).

It all comes together with our MySmartKey app -
available from iTunes, Google Play and Blackberry World (BB OS10)